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A range of pumps for a variety of applications.

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Designed for pumping low-viscosity, single-component resins, such as Prime Flex 900 XLV. It can also be used to pump Hydro Gel SX as a single-component material. This pump is ideal for use as a water pump to flush cracks prior to injection. Item # P-850.


The PowrTwin 6900 Plus and 8900 are designed and built for large-scale projects and feature either a gas engine or electric motor. These pumps deliver the higher volume output required for large projects. Includes a 685-H 4500 PSI high pressure valve and 50’ hose.


These small, lightweight electric pumps can deliver any of the Prime Flex products as a single-component material. . Use in any combination with our 1/2” or 5/8” packers, Bang-in Ports or grout needle. Delivering 1.2 HP and 1.55 HP respectively, the Titan Impact 540 & 640 are versatile and economical choices for chemical grout injection. Several models are available. Includes a 685-H 4500 PSI high pressure valve and 50’ hose. Item #: P-Impact 540, P-Impact 640.


The PH series of hydraulic proportioners from PMC is ideally suited for slab lifting using our Precision Lift™ system or polyurea lining projects using our Prime Guard™ series. (Turnkey Precision Lift™ rigs are available, which include a PMC proportioner.) Applications include raising sunken concrete slabs, filling voids and stabilizing soil (compaction grouting). These machines can also be used for spray foam insulation applications. Prime Resins is an authorized PMC dealer. See for specs of the various models. Call your Prime Resins sales associate or customer service at 800-321-7212 for recommendations on which proportioner is right for you.


The heart of our compact slab lifting system. This is a two-component slab lifting pump that uses gear-driven technology. Unlike piston pumps, the simplicity of one continuous rotary motion means exceptional output efficiency plus less energy and wear and tear. The Revolution is a medium-pressure pump that runs on standard 110-volt power, with on-board heaters and a built-in recirculation system. This is a combination of features you won’t find on any other pump.


Rotary gear-type positive displacement, medium pressure metering pump. With a footprint of 24″ H x 16″ W x 22” D and weighing in at a mere 90 pounds, this pump packs a tremendous amount of power, efficiency, and versatility in a platform that can easily be handled and operated by a single person. Whether you are applying polyurea joint fill, low/medium pressure polyurea spray, or polyurethane stabilization foams, the Patriot will tackle the most daunting tasks with the greatest of ease. It can be outfitted with a variety of dispense guns depending on the specific needs of the applicator.

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