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Slab Lifting Equipment

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Take on larger projects, fill more voids, lift more slabs and stablilize more soils with a safe, high-performance, customized rig. Call a Technical Consultant now at 800.321.7212.


Compact Slab Lifting System

The Precision Lift compact slab lifting system includes four key components engineered and optimized to work as one:
 Precision Lift Foam – a high density, structural polymer that expands and develops    hydraulic lift to level and stabilize slabs
 Revolution Pump – a rotary workhorse running on 110 volts with on-board heaters  and built-in recirculation system
 Equalizer Gun – an impingement mixer that helps equalize pressure from the varying  viscosities of A and B components
 Prime Practice – proven how-to procedures enabling a controlled lift within 1/10 of  an inch of desired grade
 This system targets the causes of settlement and creates long-term advantage:
 Erosion Control
 Soil Stabilization
 Lightweight Void Fill 
 Controlled Slab Lift
The Revolution Pump is the least intrusive, most affordable and fastest solution over replacement or mudjacking alternatives.Call a Technical Consultant now at 800.321.7212 



Polyurethane Foam Gun

 PR - Equalizer Gun - TDS.indd